Exchange And Return/Refund

Exchange And Return/Refund

Requirements: Worn, damaged, washed or altered goods cannot be exchanged or returned!

  • Fast Exchange

We offer fast size or color exchanges on all products bought on for up to 30 days following your purchase. Exchanges must be in their original condition – new and unwashed. There is a shipping fee associated with exchanges which depends on your location.

Remember to add your original order information including order number, email address as well as details of the items you would like to exchange while contacting us.

  • Easy Return

We accept returns within 30 days since the sale date. Returns must be in their original condition – new and unwashed. There is a shipping fee associated with return depending on your ordered item (s).

  • Refund

If your item has arrived later than committed time or it is received as a damaged item, poor-quality printing or incorrect product, we guarantee a 100% satisfaction to all of our customers by offering a free replacement order or a refund on the affected items.

When you return an order, you have a few compensation options to choose from:

  1. Replacement Order – We replace your original order and send you new confirmation and shipping information.
  2. Voucher – We email you a credit code with the same value as your original order, which you can put to a new purchase.
  3. Full Refund – We return the amount to your original payment method (Paypal, Credit Card).

As the refund is a reversal of your payment, we can only send it back the same way it was received. Reversing a payment in this way is the fastest and most secure way to get your funds back to you. The refund duration’s depends on the bank or card issuer. Some banks/card issuers finalize refunds within 2 business days, while others may wait until the end of the statement month to process refunds. If the refund seems to be taking more than one week, you can contact your bank or card issuer to ask about their usual timeframe.